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Did you know that Cuenca Ecuador is one of the most visited cities of Ecuador? It’s called the Athens of Ecuador for its majestic architecture, its cultural diversity, its contribution to the arts, sciences and Ecuadorian letters and being the birthplace of many famous people of the Ecuadorian society.

Cuenca was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on December 1, 1999 and in the center of the city are located important historical remains : museums and old churches (such as the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, one of the largest of America, and others dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries), cobblestone streets and houses with facades of Republican-style show, especially Spanish and French European architectural influences.

Cuenca also have an Airport called “Mariscal Lamar”. You can flight from the Airports of most cities of South America directly to Cuenca Airport.

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Cuenca Ecuador

What to do in Cuenca Ecuador ? Here are the best things to do in Cuenca Ecuador !

In Cuenca there are numerous museums here are two of the best :

  • Museum straw hats. The straw hats (Carludovica palmata) also known as “Panama Hat” is a typical element of Cuenca, which is among the leading manufacturers of this type of hat.
  • Central Bank Museum. Also known as the Ministry of Culture Museum. It dates from the early 80s is located in the ruins of Pumapungo and has a variety of exhibits and documents.

You can also discover the Churches of Cuenca. The best known are the New Cathedral or Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Church and the Old Cathedral and El Sagrario. One of the best point of view of the city is from Turi viewpoint and it’s Turi Church, beautiful especially at night with its lighting.

Cuenca Ecuador Cajas Park

Cuenca has many tourist attractions, we can mention the hot springs of “Baños” canton, the cuisine, craft fairs, museums, music, among others. The nightlife is very active, especially on weekends and focuses on different sites such as restaurants, bars, clubs and other places, for example is the Street “Calle Larga”, which has many bars and cafés, The Remigio Crespo Avenue characterised by a wide variety of restaurants and shops along it, is one of the shopping and leisure best known place.

The Cajas National Park is located 40 minutes from Cuenca, you can find beautiful landscapes and Lagoons as the Lagoon Lagartococha: On its banks is possible to camp and the place is very busy for sport fishing. Beside Lagartococha there is the “Cave of the Dead”, called so because travellers over a century ago would have died of malaria in the site.

Cuenca Ecuador

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